Echoes of War

Echo's of War Session 5

Blood Town

Things start with Nolan and Zyarken working to find a way to track the crates of illegal drugs they found earlier. These crates were key to finding out more information about Nolan's former commander in the Republic Navy Fleet Admiral Honsho Rarm'abute'rlurou. Aaeden, Rayne and Zane stay aboard the ship, working on their own personal projects.

Having spent a five days on Nar Shaddaa, Nolan leads the crew in a search for a missile tube to use for his project. Not finding a single missile tube, Nolan finds two. They are only a medium range, but will work for what he has planned.

Nolan has planned to mark the drug crates, due to be picked up by Admiral Honsho, and track them through a hyperspatial tracker. Going to the site of the pickup, that Zyarken, Zane and Nolan had found previously, Nolan and Zyarken plan to plant the tracker. Nolan fires a distraction round, away from the crates, while Zane takes advantage of the distraction and fires the tracker, squarely marking the crates. Zyarken watches, in case of trouble.

With the crates tracked, Nolan waits for a day, then searches for a comm tower to gain access to and track the crates, to see where they are headed. Acquiring climbing gear, Zyarken and Nolan setoff to the comm tower. As the two start to climb the base of the comm tower, to access the control unit above, everything seems to be clear, until a wondering security droid notices Zyarken and comes to investigate. Nolan and Zyarken manage to disable the built-in blaster and the lift controls for the security droid, but no before Zyarken's axe is dropped to the ground. Luckily only one droid found them, and they were able to escape.

Failing to get to the comm tower, Nolan turns his eye to a local Command and Control building, to gain access and track those crates. Searching for a guard uniform, Nolan sees a guard, about his size, go into a local bar. Entering the bar, Nolan waits for the guard to go to the restroom, leaving his coat and badge behind. Convincing a nosey bouncer that he is taking the coat to his "friend," Nolan makes it out with the coat and badge.

Zyarken watches from across the street, in case of trouble, as Nolan uses the coat and badge to gain access to the building. Nolan is able to get into the building and after a failed attempt, is able to access a terminal to track his crates. The crates have made their way to Rishii, a pirate moon. With his information. Nolan quickly dodges a couple of security guards and exits the building, leaving the coat and badge in an alleyway.

Next for Nolan and Zyarken is to meet with the local Hutt, Grakkus, to discuss, hopefully, gaining favor with the Hutt to track cyber-chips that are being made on Nar Shaddaa and shipped out of the system. Nolan makes contact with a minor official in Grakkus' organization and arranges a meet. Much to Nolan's chagrin, the official is smitten with Nolan is thinks he is being asked out on a date. Narrowly avoiding the awkward situation, Nolan challenges the official to a drinking contest. Barely winning out, Nolan manages to get things back on track and is granted an audience with Grakkus, after the dejected official reports back to work.

Arriving at Grakkus' palace, Nolan, Zyarken and Aaeden, joining them, are allowed into the palace, without their weapons. There is just under one hundred people in all milling about, as they are allowed back to speak with Grakkus, directly, with his interpreter. The meeting goes well, however as Nolan mentions another Hutt, being involved, they are asked to confirm the identity of this other Hutt and come back for a private audience at a later time. After retrieving their weapons, and leaving, Nolan contacts T'Lyn and confirms that the chips being made are cerebral implants and the Hutt involved is a noted gangster, Jabba.

That evening, Nolan receives the call that their private audience is scheduled. As they arrive, they are ushered back to a private hall to meet with Grakkus. There are fewer people this time around. Though Tallia had been in attendance the last time they were at the palace, the dark force wielder now approaches them, saying, "Grakkus is prepared to speak to you."

Meeting with Grakkus and his interpreter, Nolan lets Grakkus know that the cybernetic chips are being manufactured on Nar Shaddaa, under his nose for Jabba the hutt, and are being sold and shipped off-world. Grakkus takes this information in stride and says they will be contacted by one of his agents, Azinvek.

They are turned over to Tallia to lead them out of the palace. Talia leads them out a totally different way, and while the group fears deception on her part, it is noticed that there are far fewer eyes on them, through this different path out. They are finally able to get back to the entrance and gain their weapons back.

Two days after their private audience Azinvek finally contacts them. He sets up a meet with them at a small eatery, that serves all manners of off-world clients, all of them non-human. The group, Nolan, Zyarken and Aaeden, are met by Azinvek, a Wookie and Talia.

Azinvek informs the group that the chips are being manufactured in large numbers in a place known as Blood Town. This is an area where there is a dense fog that has a blood red tinge to it. They will be able to investigate the place, and Talia will go with them to make certain Grakkus' agenda is met.

Working with Azinvek, the group receives supplies for their trek into Blood Town. After all the equipment is gathered, the group then rents a speeder to use for their journey. Traveling down through the fog, the speeder takes them down, and finally stops about an hour's walk away from Blood Town. It seems the speeder has been programmed go no closer than this. The group is forced to walk to the site, through the corrosive red tinged fog. The hazmat suits that each of the group obtained are instrumental to surviving the toxic air.

Talia met the group at the base of the platform and joins them. The platform, itself, is a technological plateau, built from an old bridge that has long since been cut free of its roadway, making a towering platform that can only be accessed from the air.

Near the platform itself, the group is met by 9 shambling humanoids, of questionable species. The fight is a short and violent battle. The group manages to win the day, with Zyarken and Aaeden managing to stay standing, Nolan succumbs to his wounds and falls unconscious.

Stim packs are used to heal the wounds, and revive Nolan. Looting the bodies yields some additional equipment and monies. Two nightside binoculars and two sets of climbing gear come in handy for the mission ahead.

Finishing the walk to the site, the ground sinks beneath about two feet of mucky, fetid 
water. Several quadrupeds are seen walking a patrol about the four massive columns that rse to to hold the structure above the stagnant waters. Trying to get a closer look at the animals, the group find themselves targets of one of them. As the animals come closer, it is evident that they are cybernetic enhanced animals.

Aaeden shoots one the animals, but has to be pulled out of the way, as it charges. As the animal attacks Nolan, Talia finally engages the animal and it goes down into a lump of lifeless flesh and machinery.

Aaeden takes this time to call Talia out on her lack of action, until now. As they fight, Talia grows enraged and unleashes her force powers on Aaeden. Seeing Aaeden fall, Nolan approaches Talia and tells her to stand down. There is a tense moment as Nolan is unsure if Talia will turn on him, as well. Aaeden is aided back to health, as he continues to glare at Talia, every chance he gets.

Finally approaching one of the massive columns, keeping it between the group and any other animals, they soon find that this column hides an entrance, hidden at a distance, with a electronic lock. As Nolan hacks into the electronic panel, the panel indicates the lift inside is fast approaching.

Scrambling out of the way, the group hide behind the column, lucky another of the guard dogs do not see them, as two figures exit the turbolift, dressed in a dusky, dark red heavy armored clothing. Carefully, Nolan takes aim on the two figures, as Zyarken, fearing more senseless death, grabs Nolan's hand, preventing him from taking the shot.

In a grimacing voice, Nolan informs Zyarken that the pistol is on stun. With a curse, Talia takes this opportunity to bring her dark Force abilities to bear on the figures. Talia is kills one of the guards swiftly, as the other has a chance to shoot Zyarken. Around from the other side of the column Aaeden stabs the other guard, killing him.

Taking the gear from the two guards, the gather a data pad and code cylinder. Using the coe cylinder, they open the turbolift and take is to the main level of the platform. Out of the turbolift, the group scans the platform, noting a central structure and several other turbolift entrances.

Leading the way to the central structure, Nolan leads the group across the platform. Nolan notices that Talia, dressed in her slight garb, reminiscent of a teen out to a club, and her long black cloak, is attracting a few wandering eyes from the more human guards around. Sensing that they must get more than their share of black garbed officials here, Nolan catches the eye of one of the guards and says, in a stern tone, "My daughter is a cyber engineer!"

In a manner of all men caught ogling a scantily clad woman, the guard quickly looks away and back to his post. Nolan begins to sweat, knowing that at any moment they will be caught and be forced to jump off the sides of this platform or worse.

Seeing two Gamorrean guards, not known for their intellect, start giving them the once over, the group decide to start following a loading droid, without his cargo, heading back to another structure that is surmised is the manufacturing center. The two Gamorrean guards loose interest, as the group passes out of site.

Once they get to the structure on the side of the platform, they are able to get through the unguarded door, entering to come face to face with a clerk. Using the code cylinder as a faint, saying, "Inspection team from the Council to oversee manufacturing." Nolan stuns the clerk, in a quick draw action.

Searching the clerk and desk, the group gains another code cylinder. Sitting at the clerk's console, Nolan tries to slice his way into the system to gain information on shipment manifests. Failing in his attempts, Nolan hears over the confiscated comms, "Systems Operations, we have detected unusual shipment schedules…  … heading Prosperos."

Leaving the clerk's desk, quickly, the group goes around a corner to see three guards coming towards them. A grenade is thrown, quickly injuring the guards, as the group manages to take the guards down. Searching the guards, Nolan quickly changes into the guard commander's armor, taking his badge and code cylinder out to the platform, finding the ship called the Prosperos, the two guards hesitate as they see the guard commander and the three black suited people. Nolan takes the initiative and announces, "Lady Chevalier," indicating Talia, "is an inspector to inspect the shipment."

Taking the hint, Talia finishes that Jabba the Hutt has sent her. Recognizing her presence, the guard allow her to enter the shipping bay, leaving the rest of the group to wait. Nolan insists they accompany her, he is told that his duties as roving guard do not include escort duty and to go back to his station.

As Nolan readies a come back, Talia comes back out, saying that she has need of the Nautolan, indicating Zyarken, taking him back onto the loading bay. Fearing the worst, Nolan hesitates a moment before attacking the guards.

Inside the loading bay, Talia and Zyarken enter into an argument that results in blows as the two Force users square off against each other.

Nolan and Aaeden continue to combat the guards, making slow headway. As the guards seek cover from the onslaught. Both guards are finally dispatched as Nolan rushes to where he heard the arguing.

Running into the warehouse, Nolan tosses a grenade into the stacks of shipping container. In the approaching distance, Nolan sees Talia standing over the fallen Zyarken, ready to finish her task and kill him, Nolan shouts to her not to kill him. With a grunt, Talia reaches down to pick of the unconscious Nautolan and carry him to the upper level. Knowing that the way out, behind him, was blocked, Nolan dashed over to grab several of the ruined cyber implants, strewn about, from his grenade, regardless is Talia's shout that she already has several of the implants.

Catching up to Nolan, Aaeden takes all this in, as he runs headlong to the upper level, following Talia, whether to aid her or kill her, Nolan does not know. Talia uses her lightsaber to but a hole in the warehouse door, on the upper level. As the group gathers on the upper level, before any more can be said, a landing craft comes down out of the sky, bearing Master Orgus Din, holding his hand out to Talia, saying, "Take my hand or die!"

The group hurries to the safety of the landing craft, and begins to turn away from the platform, as the world turns black.Loud screaming and bombs bursting fill the sounds, as unconsciousness rolls over them all.


Nolan is the first to awake to the dense, too warm air, of this crowded room. He reaches for his glow rod and turns it on, to take stock of his surrounding. Searching the room, he finds Aaeden and Zyarken, still both unconscious. Nolan finds something else in his searches, he find that all their weapons have been taken. All of their gear is with them, so they were not likely lost, but removed, purposefully.

Tallia comes back down the stairs, into the small room. She informs him that they are many meters down, in old structures, under all the debris and devastation. Discussing back and forth, she explains that Master Din aid in their rescue, but the craft was hit and went down. Master Din managed, with Talia's help, save the group from the burning wreck. Since the three were unconscious, Master Din charged Talia with watching over them, until they had all recovered, or died of their wounds. The last she saw of Master Din, was his chasing off their attackers.


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