Echoes of War

Echoes of War Session 1

The Journey Begins

The adventure began as a pilot met with four Jedi, for a mission to an unlisted planet. Nolan Karoli is the freelance pilot. Master Orgus Din has three Jedi padawan with him, Mantix, Tarrik and Zyarkin. Master Din was sending the padawans to investigate a group of people on another planet. Master Din also tasked Nolan to ensure that they three young Jedi padawans returned from their investigation, unharmed, for the balance of his fee.
As the five of them left to make their way to the transport ship that Master Din had arranged for, at docking bay 36F3. Making their way through the casino floor, a drunken Aqualish, grabbed Tarrik, muttering that Tarrik had stolen something that belonged to him. Nolan quickly grabbed Tarrik by the arm and insisted, in a drunken slur, that this was impossible. Tarrik has been with him all day. Local constabulary took interest, but as it was Nolan's word against the Aqualish, they dismissed the account and left back to their duties. The Aqualish wondered off to easier prey.
Exiting the casino, the group happened on a fellow that had recently been stabbed. Seeing the dead body, and hearing something scuffle in the distance. Master Din ordered the padawans to investigate. Nolan followed, to keep them out of trouble, and make his pay.
What they found, following the scuffle, was a thief, trapped in a dark room. A brief, but fortunate struggle, yielded the thief handing over his gear and a stolen data disk.After this encounter, they followed Master Din to docking bay 36F3 and met him there.
Waiting for Nolan to busy himself with piloting the ship, Master Din inform the students, they were to investigate a splinter group of Jedi in a planet called Tython. They were to not enteract, but only to perform reconnaissance and report back to the Council.
The trip went uneventful, and the YV-929 freighter made its way to Tython. On landing as the small landing pad, it was soon discovered that there had been a struggle at the landing pad, leaving no one there. Nearly all the speeders had been taken or destroyed. The group managed to get a speeder working and took it out to follow these invaders.
On the way to the encampment, they crossed over a crag in the steppes. Pausing briefly they found someone lying at the bottom of the crack in the earth. Closer inspection yielded that the figure was a robed figure. The robes were similar to Jedi robes, but of a different style. They were not able to retrieve the dead person, but they were able to retrieve his lightsaber. Zyarkin ignited the lightsaber to find it was a stark white blade.
They found a small village of strange husky, bipedal creatures. The were large, man shaped creature, with what looked like a hammerhead shark's head. As they approached the tiny village, the saw there were many of these creatures, Flesh Raiders they were called, moving in and out of tents, arranged in a semi-circle. In the center of the village were cages and in the cages were several people, dressed in what looked like robes similar to what Jedi wore, but the same style of the dead body they had found earlier.
It was decided that Mantix would start a fire, burning on of the tents farthest out. While the creatures were distracted by the fire, they would rush in and release the captives. Everything worked according to plan, except as the captives were released, the creatures came back a little faster than everyone as expecting.
Also, a dark cave was not expected, to the side of the village, up a hill. With a shout, there came a figure out of the cave. As they raised their hand, a boulder rose up and went flying toward Zyarkin. Just as Zyarkin was about to be hit, Tarrik had moved behind him and the boulder hit Tarrik in the back.
Tarrik continued to fire his blaster rifle at the approaching creatures, as Zyarkin ignited Tarrik's lightsaber, as well as the found white lightsaber. Zyarkin was ready to do battle with the approaching figure, and the remaining creatures, as Nolan finishing getting the last of the captives on board the over loaded speeder. As Tarrik joined them on the speeder, Nolan tossed his blaster behind him, so that one of the captives could take it and fight back, to aid in their escape. The arc of the tossed blaster took it over the edge of the speeder, as no one caught it. Swinging over to Zyarkin, they gathered him into the speeder and made their escape.
Swinging far wide of the village, Nolan piloted the speeder to the meeting place, to pick up Mantix, after his distracting fire. Mantix did not show, and the group began to circle out wider and wider to find him, before the creatures did.
In the distance, they spotted a torch light and headed there. As the approached the windy scene, they saw two of the creatures, with two more of their "dogs," having pinned Mantix down into a dried up well. After a bit of a struggle, the managed to get a badly wounded Mantix onto the speeder and kill the dogs chasing them.
Getting back to the landing pad, Nolan was rushing to get them all onto the ship and out of system. The group of captives, including a person dressed in Republic uniform, said that they were not leaving. Instead they would be going back to their temple.
The groups discussed back and forth, but the Jedi were firm in that they were not leaving. They would join the crew onto their freighter, if the padawan's handed over their lightsabers, especially the one retrieved from the ravine. After much consideration, they did hand over their lightsabers.
Everyone boarded the ship and they headed for orbit. ONce there, they all discussed leaving the planet behind, but the captives insisted that they not leave, and instead be taken back to their temple, away from the landing pad.
It was agreed that they would be taken back down to their temple. There was no place to land, so Nolan hovered over the temple and everyone prepared to repel down to the surface, as Nolan put the ship on autopilot.


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