The Republic is crumbling. The Separatist Droid Army, led by the Sith Lord Count Dooku, continues to sweep through the Outer and Mid Rim. Their success has emboldened General Grievous, prompting him to make an attack on the Republic capital, Coruscant. Though the attack was thwarted by the Jedi, Grievous nearly escaped with Chancellor Palpatine as a hostage.


     The Jedi, spread thin across the galaxy and suffering mounting losses, have cast aside their traditional age restrictions on recruits. A new class of padawans have arisen from a population whose youth has been dominated by the ongoing Separatist war. Though potentially dangerous, many embrace it as the only way to ensure the Jedi Order survives in a meaningful way.


     The first of these new Jedi have just taken the field, paired with Republic soldiers and allies in an attempt to stabilize the battle lines and perhaps finally push back against the inexorable advance of the droid army…

Echoes of War

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